Sunday 6 September 2015

Cry - The Cry (1980)

We've been sitting on this for a while, because it hits too close to posting the S********s, a band who we have a moratorium on posting (see: CCPS Bylaws, article 75.4.3(f)). The Cry were formed after Kimball Meyer (aka Kim Berly) split from the S********s either (a) because that band was not very good or (b) he saw the marketing potential of new wave rock. Actually, those two aren't mutually exclusive, are they?

This is the first of two records that the Cry put out on major label RCA (discogs has a third LP listed, but is weak on details - much like this blog), and, well, it's kind of what you'd expect if the popular kids in your school decided to play new wave. It's pretty formulaic - it's almost as if the band did a casual study of the first couple of Elvis Costello records and decided to write to that style.

Plus, we'll never be able to unsee those trousers that Kimball is wearing on the back cover.

Make me cry!

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