Tuesday 18 August 2015

Ummm - Not For Distribution to the Public

Here's a 7" that we picked up a few months ago from the dollar bin at Melodiya. We had probably flipped past this countless times (we spend a lot of time browsing through the used records at Melodiya - and Sloth. And Hot Wax. And Recordland. And pretty much any place else.), but something clicked on one trip and we realized that, despite a complete lack of info on the liner notes, this was something we should grab for the collection.

We posted an Ummm tape earlier this year, and this 7" is more of the same - short, staccato hardcore. The songs are so short, we gave up and have posted this with each side as one track. Because why? Because we're lazy.

Anyways, get the record here.

Sunday 16 August 2015

21 Hundredz - Life Is Eternal/Today (1989)

We've been hanging out at CJSW a bit, working on an EXCITING NEW PROJECT, and we happened across this 7" in the station's record library.

We actually didn't know that the 21 Hundredz had a second single. The full cover art is missing, but we'll take this anyways. We missed the fact that their first single, as with this one, was manufactured through Doug Wong Music (and carries a DWM catalog number, despite being on Accent Records. How's that for ridiculous trivia?).

Get eternal life here.