Thursday, 16 July 2015

Munroville Music Centre - Audio Periodical Episode One: "Future" (2015)

The newest release from Craig Storm's Monroeville Music Centre presents us with a new problem: where do we keep the miniature theremin that came with this?

Storm has apparently decided to share his love of electronics with us via his quarterly, subscription-only tape series. We didn't know what to expect when we signed up a few months ago, and we were thrilled when we got a package with a tape, a breadboard and various electronics components. Side one of the tape features a group of kids answering the question "what do you think the future will be like?" interspersed with musical bleeps and bloops. Side two is a series of songs that you can play along with using your newly-built theremin.

We can't say enough good things about this project. It's fun, engaging and totally, totally worth the subscription. We highly recommend that you sign up.

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