Sunday, 12 July 2015

Lab Coast - Walking on Ayr (2015)

We're just pulling ourselves out of the deep sadness that overcomes us every year at the end of Sled Island (WHY?!?! WHY IS THIS JUST ONE WEEK OUT OF THE YEAR?? We're going to live like every day is Sled Island!), and we're going to get to a stack of new tapes that has been piling up in the CCPS offices.

First up is this one and GODDAMMIT LAB COAST! GODDAMMIT SHAKE RECORDS! Thanks to you, we have to re-do our cassette shelving again. Seriously. Even though we already have this on LP (one of the late, great Mammoth Cave's final releases) and, CD (yes, this is a bit ridiculous), we couldn't pass up what is possibly one of the best recordings to come out of this city in recent years. The glorious second half of "For Now" is worth the price of admission alone:

Get the tape from Shake, if you don't already have it on LP. Or CD. Or whatever.

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