Monday 20 July 2015

Glitter - Oodles of Poodles Live at CJSW (2015)

Well, we picked up not one but TWO glitter tapes at Sloth, and this is, uh, the second. Hmm. Remind us to spend more time working on intros to posts. This one is not so good.

Anyways, this tape is good. This is another in this year's great trend of bands playing CJSW and then releasing the sessions on tape. We can't tell you how much we like this trend, except that it turns out we had already taped this directly off the radio ourselves last December. So, we have a version that has Disturb the Universe host Kai Sinclair describing the band as Nu Metal and calling them Jugallos. Clearly he was being ironic and they are neither. We know this, because we have seen the band and are "in the know" about such thing.

Anyways, this is another great-sounding session, a tribute to the mighty CJSW and why you should put away a few extra bucks to give to them during funding drive in October.

In the meantime, we're not sure if you can still pick up a copy of this at Sloth. We do know that you can listen to a track from the session on Soundcloud.

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