Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Toledo Speedway - Toledo Speedway (1995)

You'd think that with the advent of CDs, band would have taken advantage of all that extra space to make sure they include more details about who they are. Not Toledo Speedway - they go the opposite direction, making extra effort to confuse by using two aliases and one real name for their band's membership. Good thing we have the inside scoop, and can tell you that these guys brought together the drummer from Citrus Park, guitarist from Seven Sorry Senators and bass player from Eight Miles High. The result is pretty decent - playing melodic but weird rhythms, this sits very nicely alongside the Primrods and Hot Little Rocket.

Get on the speedway!

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Anonymous said...

Dana was a good drummer. I remember someone once said that Dana's dad never believed his son could bein a band as godd as Citrus Park or something like that. He was the "Stewart Copeland" of the 90's for sure