Friday 5 June 2015

Red Autumn Fall - Compilation

Okay, we're heading back to the past (how many of you are thinking, "Finally! Isn't that what this piece of crap is supposed to be about?!"), thanks to a donation from Stephen Morrissey (no, not that Stephen Morrissey. Although, that would have been amazing, no?).

This is a tape that Morrissey picked up at a Red Autumn Fall show at some point around 1995, as the band was embarking on a tour-type thing. This is a, well, half-assed compilation. We suspect someone just dubbed this off old tapes (and maybe the band's first CD, Charmer) as the levels are amazing uneven (we tried to fix that as best we could) and, well, we're kind of embarrassed that Morrissey may have spent money on this. He should have saved his money for the band's Debutant CD, which is shorter but betterer.

Anyways, what DOES make this worthwhile is the inclusion of a track by Playground Treason, Simeon Ross' band before the Smiths Red Autumn Fall. The sound quality isn't very good, but it certainly shows that Ross knew what he wanted to do from the start.

Get all nostalgic here.

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