Sunday 7 June 2015

Red Autumn Fall - Charmer (1995)

So, Gene Poole has notified us that the 20-year posting limit on several CDs is up, so we're going to sort through a pile of shiny plastics discs that's sitting on the floor in the CCPS office. First up, following on our last post, the first full-length CD from Red Autumn Fall.

Now, we've said a lot about these folks already, and, honestly, most of what we have said has been poisoned by VOX's views on the band. So let's sidestep all of that and focus on what the inimitable (that is, unless you're Mike Bell) James Muretich had to say about the band.

Our favourite thing in that article is Simeon recounting how he used to listen to skaterock like Suicidal Tendencies, but it "didn't click in the same way" as the more pop stuff. We like to imagine a parallel universe where it DID click, and Simeon is singing, "How can I laugh tomorrow/When I can't even smile today." Oh wait, he kind of is...

Anyways, we forgot how crazy the fold out the insert for this CD is. Check it out:

That's some fancy press-work there. We're also pleased to see that this fan site is still up (sort of).

Get Charmer here.

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