Friday, 26 June 2015

Fire Engine Red - 1530 (1995)

Hooray! Today, the CCPS is eight years old today! Who'd'a thunkit*? So, why not celebrate with a kind of redundant post?

We posted a weird advance cassette version of this last year, but - as we noted in that post - the mix and track order is different than what ended up on the final CD, so we're going to dive into this without  apologies.

Plus, this CD is quite possibly one of the best things to ever come out of this city.

Fire Engine Red was always a special band, and things really crystallized on 1530. And then, like so many other fine gems that turn out to be made out of sugar, they shattered. Wait, how often do fine gems turn out to be made out of sugar? We're not entirely sure, but we're going to stick to what we've said because (a) we like Fire Engine Red and (b) we might have had too much sugar today. Because someone (Gene Poole) might have (definitely) bought a birthday cake (and a bottle of bourbon) and then ate it (washed down with bourbon).

There's a video for "Shank Pony" that we would love to have linked to, but it's buried in the depths of Steve Elaschuk's facebook page.

So instead we'll just send you to the download link for this masterpiece.

*Seriously, we started the CCPS on a lark, and never expected it to turn into the thing it has become. Thanks to everyone who has shared tapes and stories with us over the years, and thanks to everyone who has told us that this ridiculous project means something to them. Cheers!


The Audio File said...

Happy Birthday, and thanks again!

Aubadicus said...

Thanks for all your hard (?) work, Gene! And thanks too for keeping the flame alive; hearing that someone still digs something you created 20 years ago always brightens up a day.

Anonymous said...

Echo Happy Birthday!

Sounds by your post that you never thought it would, but have come to realize it is that you are providing a real fabulous "museum" of Calgary's down, dirty and gritty great music history!

Was a time trip to stumble onto the site. Thank you for making it go and for sourcing all the old tapes.

Any plans to do some kinda features on the venues of the day? Think bands would tell you the venue made or didn't the scene in a real way. Is a history there that is big part of the whole development that happened. Really a shame so little video was shot of the bands and venues way back.