Wednesday 3 June 2015

Detached Objectives - Shuttle Launch (2015)

Since we started the CCPS (eight years ago this month! Holy crap!), tapes certainly have made a comeback in a way we never would have expected. Back in 2007, it seemed like digital was going to be the new way... but it turns out there are other weirdos like us out there that like to have something physical to hold and cherish.

The other thing that this means is that sometimes bands seek us out and give us their tapes... and this is one of those examples. Thanks to Colin Christopher for sending this our way - we probably wouldn't have known about this minimal wave duo if he hadn't gotten in touch. It's not that we don't like stuff like this, it's just that it usually doesn't hit our radar for some weird reason - this is a rock town, and it sometimes feels like the synth stuff never fully mixes into the scene (unless there are guitars to bridge the gap).

Detached Objectives are mining the same type of stuff as did (do?) the Mannequin Depressives (and Ohama before them), although more, uh, minimal. Because, duh, minimal wave.

We haven't seen this tape in stores, but the download is available from the Detached Objectives bandcamp.

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