Monday 1 June 2015

Crystal Eyes - No Man Is An Island (2015)

Uh oh. Another tape from Shake! Records. AND another tape featuring Chris Dadge. Seriously, between those two, we have another cassette storage crisis at the CCPS office.

But it's worth it for this one, which is a new project from Erin Jenkins - it's kind of the opposite of the last thing we featured that involved her, the gothi-y Catholic Girls. This tape is all summertime pop. perfect songs for floating down the Bow River, naively following the currents and blissfully aware of the rapids ahead.

The band has since picked up Samantha Savage Smith on second guitar since they recorded this, and it would be lazy of us to compare this to SSS's idyllic second album... but we are, if anything, lazy. Our favourite track on here is "Here She Comes," which we're assuming is meant to sound like a re-working of the Velvet Underground's "Here She Comes Now."

We've seen this tape at Hot Wax (surprise!), or you can get it from the Crystal Eyes bandcamp.

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