Friday 29 May 2015

Lunatique - Live on CJSW (2015)

We got to live out one of our fantasies a couple of weeks ago, and went to a punk rock show at the central library. And, even better, we came away with a tape (a couple of tapes, actually - this is the first one).

We've got to hand it to Lunatique - these young punks have taken advantage of the excellent sound quality of CJSW's live band room (and head live radio sound guy Whitney Ota's fine work) and put out a tape of the four songs they recorded there earlier this year. This is, for lack of a better description, Tubby Dog punk rock. The great kind of chaotic, fun stuff that happens at that bastion of all ages rock on the weekend.

These songs are the more melodic (dare we say, radio friendly) that the band has to offer in their live set. There were some fairly spectacular bursts of pure feedback in their set at the library - which our creeping tinnitus is pleased hasn't been captured here. But they did manage to capture tiny snippets of Contramandatum host Dave Shiroky's angelic voice, so there is that.

We've seen this tape at Sloth, or you can get it via the Lunatique bandcamp.

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