Sunday 10 May 2015

Lab Coast - CS031 (2015)

Back to Calgary proper, we've got a new release from the ever-prolific Lab Coast. This little tape comes to us via Craft Singles, and while it's a short little thing, it's still super, super good (we'll admit it, we're super-biased when it comes to Lab Coast - they're probably one of our local favourite bands right now).

This tape kind of follows the same format of Editioned Houses, with one side of their low-fi pop and another side of noisy experimentation. The two bursts of pop include a pretty great cover of the Pursuit of Happiness' "She's So Young," which serves as a good reminder of the genius of Moe Berg's songwriting.

You can probably get the tape from Hot Wax, and if not grab if via the Craft Singles bandcamp.

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