Wednesday 27 May 2015

F*** Off Dad - F*** Off Dad (2013)

Oh, snap! We bought another Unit Sound Structures Recording tape, despite all our best efforts not to. You see, Melodiya-minder Eddie Dalrymple had just reorganized his store's tape display, and well, our eyes fell on this, and, uh, he said it was one of his bands, and, you know, he just looked so hopeful, and, well YES WE HAVE A CASSETTE PROBLEM, OKAY?!

Anyways, so this is Fuck Off Dad's tape from two years ago. The duo, make up of Eddie and Eric Hamelin (hey, how the heck have we not posted anything with Hamelin on it yet?!) recently changed their name to Crun, perhaps for obvious reasons (the folks at the Peak Project said they'd have a better chance at getting in this year with a new band name). This is noisy improv, with Hamelin's drums crashing around while Eddie does godawful things to his guitar, coaxing feedback and shrieks out of it. Although the tape does settle into a nice droney bit partway through side two.

Get the tape (like we did!) from Melodiya, the USSR web site, or bandcamp.

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