Wednesday 13 May 2015

Cold Water - 2 deer not stoked about logging (2015)

One of our favourite things at the CCPS is getting back to the office to find records in the mailbox. An even more favourite thing is finding records AND tapes in our mailbox. We were treated to the latter this weekend, with a special delivery of the new Cold Water LP, accompanied by this bonus tape.

Kevin Stebner's Cold Water project has undergone an evolution since their first tape, perfecting the genre that he has coined "full stack folk." It's the sort of thing that you want to listen to under a summer sky, drinking bourbon and looking up at the stars, the songs hanging in the air beside you. But it's spring, and so we've been listening to these three songs in the CCPS bunker, awaiting warmer nights (and stoking ourselves with gin). Still, the effect is approximately the same.

This tape was part of a special deal for those who pre-ordered the new Cold Water LP. It looks like, as of this evening's gin, the offer still stands on the Revolution Winter website.

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