Wednesday 6 May 2015

CCPS Miscellany: Unameds - First Door On The Left (1996)

Phew! This is the last tape from the collection that David Tighe passed to us (thanks, David!). And we end with another Lethbridge band we know nothing about. We wonder it they meant to call them selves the Unnamed, but didn't have the benefit of a spell checker? Anyways, we kept hoping that one of these Lethbridge tapes would feature a baby-faced Paul Lawton, but no dice.

Get the Unameds here.


Akolade said...

Wow, Unameds. The legendary Brian McKenna. He used to phone up each show on CKUL (now CKXU) and request we play The Unameds.
They also released a 7", the only song title I remember is "Flossing A Chair" which is on this tape.
Brian recorded my band Favour's full-length in 2000, which we still haven't released.

Syama said...

It was said Yoo- nah- meds.

Anonymous said...

Wow! its been awhile since i heard the Unameds. I remember them playing a Gig in a dude named Erin's basement.