Sunday, 3 May 2015

CCPS Miscellany: Racer Ten and Product Four - The Big 10-4 (1995)

Let's head to southern Alberta now, shall we? This split tape features some good old late 90's pop punk (or punk pop?) from Medicine Hat's Racer Ten and Lethbridge's Product Four. David Tighe was good enough to tip us off to the fact that the Todd in Product Four is thee one and only Todd Harkness (later of Porter Hall, Sloth Records and other stuff in Calgary).

We don't know anything more about Product Four, and weren't holding up much hope for finding info on Racer Ten. Thankfully and quite surprisingly, their Tripod page is still active.

We have no idea if there's any way to listen to the Realplayer files on their site; instead, maybe just grab this tape?

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