Monday 4 May 2015

CCPS Miscellany: Product Four - Your Name Here (1995)

Here's some more Lethbridgian (wait, is that right?) pop punk from Todd Harkness and Product Four. We should note that this tape, along with that split with Racer Ten we just posted, was recorded at Jeff Burns' basement studio.

Uh, that's all we got. Go grab the download.


Akolade said...

Product 4 was one of the first bands I ever saw at a "gig", at the legendary(?) Chinook Mall Hall, home of many punk shows in the mid 90s. Todd was in my Chemistry 20 class and I think he copied off me sometimes.
Seeing him up on stage made me want to play in a band, and I did a few years later.
Todd and drummer Paul used to do a radio show on CKUL (now CKXU) where they played punk and talked about Lethbridge gossip. They even took callers!
Rich later was in a scary looking metal band, always a nice guy.
I had one Product 4 tape and I lent it to this guy, and I never got it back.

Anonymous said...

Drummer Paul here. This really takes me back.

I remember laying out this cassette on an old Mac at the Endeavor student newspaper at Lethbridge College. I scanned the photo from a history book, threw together some copy, and Todd did all the printing. All these years later, it still doesn't look half bad.

Rich is in Edmonton, playing with some HC bands. We've met occasionally since I moved here in 2010.

Lost track of Todd, though I hear he's in Calgary.

Also, glad to hear people (or at least one person) remembers our old CKUL show. Had a blast doing it.