Saturday 2 May 2015

CCPS Miscellany: Confront - Refuse to Merely Dream of Liberation (1999)

Back to the hardcore! This time David Tighe's donations are taking us out of Calgary, all the way up to Edmonton. We don't know who these guys were, but they're (a) political and (b) growly. And it sounds like there may be a drum machine involved in this.

Get it here.

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Fowler said...

This was one of my bands from back in the day. There was Kirk Michaelian (gtr, back up vox), Curtis Vanderham (bass), Greg Neatt (gtr, back up vox), Nancy (the drum machine) and myself on vocals making up the band at this point.

We didn't get much opportunity to play out of town very often (and sadly never in Calgary) but were around for several years and only ended up doing this cassette, a lost recording for a comp that was never released and an unfinished full length (which is the real tragedy because by that point we'd finally mastered the drum machine programming and shit got intense).

Anyway, we recorded this over the course of a night on a 4-track in Greg's basement. I think we paid the guy a case of beer or two to do it for us. It is rough and lacks in a few ways but is still a good time.

Now to listen to this for the first time in over a decade. I'm stoked. Thanks for posting this!