Thursday 14 May 2015

Burro - Tangerine Rising (2013)

As you may have noticed, we at the CCPS are sometimes sloooow to get into certain things, usually because we're afraid of the slippery slope they might lead us down. Whitney Ota's Unit Structure Sound Recordings label is one of those, in a similar way to Bug Incision - there's a staggering number of releases, of the type of stuff our tiny insect-brains can barely comprehend.

But, that all changed when we finally got off our collective asses and hustled down to the Palomino to catch a set by Ota's band, Burro. Our faces were melted in a way that we can barely put into words... the band's visceral, pulsating momentum is pretty easy to get lost in. Burro plays somewhere between noise and psych rock, and we like it. If, like us, you've slept on seeing Burro, we suggest you change that.

You can order this tape through the USSR distro, or download if from the Burro bandcamp.

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