Sunday 5 April 2015

Plastick - Plastick (2015)

One of the big questions around the CCPS offices recently was, "when will Shake! release another batch of Calgary tapes?" The question was NOT, "when will Kamil Krulis start a new band?" However, both questions asked and unasked have their answer in this new (and very limited) release from our favourite Victoria-based tape-makers.

Plastick is indeed a new Kamil band, with the legendary (?) frontman (!) backed up by a band of three gals, including the drummer from Hag Face. Where Kamil's other current thang The Slabs grooves and parties, this endeavor broods and sits sulking in the corner. There's a bit of a goth/new wave vibe with this, as is the current fashion with the kids apparently - we assume chorus and delay pedals are selling like hotcakes these days.

You should be able to pick up a copy of this at Sloth, or as part of Shake!'s Splatter Series 1.

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Ohh Oracle said...

It is also Gwen, on Bass, from Shrapnells, n Kaylee from Blu Shorts...the drummer has a name, it is Kelsie.