Tuesday 28 April 2015

Laura Leif and Amber Phelps Bondaroff - Objects of Our Desire (2010)

Now this tape is NOT a hardcore tape. Yet it still came in the same collection that David Tighe passed our way. We just mention that for the sake of clarity.

Technically, this is a Montreal tape, recorded during winter in that city as a project in which Leif and collaborator Amber Phelps Bondaroff "wrote, recorded and performed eight original "serenades" for household items that needed cheering up." But since Leif is so strongly tied to Calgary, we're going to claim this as ours as well. 

It's hard not to call this tape charming or twee because... well, it kind of is. The two songwriters softly sing and strum their way through these ten songs with a wonderful economy of arrangement. 

You can read more about the project and download the tape from Laura Leif's bandcamp.

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