Saturday 28 March 2015

Racket - 64 (2015)

After what feels like a slow start to the year, we're pleased to have a bunch of new tapes in the CCPS offices. Not just that, but we're pleased to say they're all quite good and really well-packaged.

You might remember about a year ago, when we bought Racket's first tape off their bandcamp site, and the postage on the envelope ended up being more than we paid. That still haunts us, so we actually went to their release party at the Palomino last night and picked up a copy in person.

Under the dim lights of the Pal, we weren't able to appreciate the full beauty of the packaging of this tape (in the harsh light of the morning's hangover, we're still only partially able to appreciate it, but still...). The guys have done a great job of making this look like an olde schoole N64 cartridge, but don't fear! Even though there's a bit of blippy bloopy 8-bit synth action at the start of the tape, the rest is the scrappy, fast garage rock that these guys are known for. They even throw in fan-favourite "Chicken Nugget" as a bonus track.

Racket were pretty good about getting their first tape out to the local stores, so you should be able to find this in short order at your local shop or the Racket bandcamp.

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