Monday, 30 March 2015

Monroeville Music Center - Choose Your Own Adventure (2013)

Here's the third new tape we have - and you're probably already saying, "wait, you idiots, this post is tagged 2013, the year is 2015, how can you call this a new tape?" WELL, Mr. Smartypants, since you're so good with years and stuff we suppose you're partly correct (honestly, we're crap with dates, both in term of the temporal and romantic). This was originally released in digital form in 2013, but 2015 sees a proper (and glorious) physical release.

Monroeville Music Center is yet another project from Craig Storm, and we're kind of surprised that we haven't included anything from this side of his work yet. While we've featured his weirdo guitar bands before, this is his weirdo keyboard band. The drum machines go ricky-ticky-tick-tack, the keys go bloopy-bloop-squelch and we kind of go apeshit about this (in the good way, not the smearing poop on the walls way). The eight tracks on here, named after honest-to-gosh-totally-real-and-not-made-up Choose Your Own Adventure titles sound like either the theme song from an 80's TV special, the chase music from an 80's TV special, or the ending credits from an 80's TV special. This is really, really good stuff.

You can order this tape via the MMC bandcamp. It's worth noting that Storm also has an MMC quarterly cassette you can subscribe to; we just signed up and we'll advise you of the contents when we get our first issue.

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