Sunday 29 March 2015

Fags - Rip-Offs (2015)

The new, really nicely-packaged tape posts continue with one of our favourite garage rock combos, the Fags.

Since their inception as a two piece with Daaren Boreham on Rickenbacker and Dale Hart on drums, this band has swollen in size much like their counterparts the Pygmies. This tape captures an in-between phase, after they had picked up Rosemary Stewart on the combo organ, but before Kelly Sutherland had joined on second Rickenbacker. The Fags' live set is largely made up of (excellent) garage rock covers, so it's not very surprising that the two songs on this gorgeous pink cassette are also covers (by the Rip-Offs as well as Siouxie and the Banshees). The two tracks clock in at a little under four minutes in total, but this is highly recommended for its energy, pink case, and Rosemary Stewart's vocals on "Love in a Void." It also comes with what is quite possibly the lowest-quality download mp3s we've ever encountered (96 kbps?!?! who knew there was still such a thing?).

We're not sure where to get this yet, as it was delivered to us by courier pigeon. The Fags don't appear to have any sort of a web presence, so we suggest you just hang around wherever there are Rickenbackers and Vespas.

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