Sunday, 1 February 2015

Field Day - Big Wheels (1996)

That last post got us thinking about Field Day, and how we've never posted any of their CDs. Well, let's change that!

This CD is, to be fair, a compilation of tracks we've already posted. But we're sticking to our plan because (a) it includes a cover of the Ninth Configuration song "Walk Away" and (b) it has this novelty rap track about skateboarding as a "bonus track":

Field Day is also one of those bands that James Muretich liked to write about a fair amount. Here's an article from 1995:

See how much value we've managed to add to a post which ultimately contains mostly stuff we've posted before?

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FOZZY said...

So you say they're from Calgary; but did you know Calgary street punk acts are often manufactured, prefabs; process demos provided to a private business; assembling groups similar to Sex Pistols; allegations exist that Kidz; No Copies Left may be the only actual true straight edge hardcore punk band of Alberta history to be formed successfully, performing events, credible as punk while Calgary is practicing protocols of Zion, to benefit Jewry - Shulchan Aruch