Wednesday 7 January 2015

Stassi Quartet - 4-Track Demos

Following on our Primrods post from last week, we're very pleased to be able to present another offering from the Staasi Quartet. This one comes to us via bassist Ron Choe, who clears up some of our confusion about the band's membership:
"Staasi was at most times a quartet. Garrett, myself (bass) and Dan MacKinnon (guitar). We had many different drummers - I think the last one was Dan’s brother, Rob - but I remember Garrett drumming in the studio and playing a few shows on drums."
We've been digging through our old VOX magazines - we remember an article on the band that might have helped, but, alas. 

The other thing that strikes us about this is that it sounds really different from the other two tapes that Chris Zimmel gave us a few years ago. This is relatively more straight-ahead than those other two tapes - this sounds like it might have been a basement 4-track endeavor, and includes a couple of the songs that also show up on the Hellride to a Bloodbath compilation. There's no j-card or other info with this- Ron thinks it was recorded somewhere between 1994 and 1996.

As different as it is, it's nonetheless a great thing to get to hear

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