Thursday 1 January 2015

Primrods - Kneecappin'! (1995)

Well, we slept through a significant part of the first day of 2015. So, in a half-assed attempt to keep some form of momentum going this afternoon, we're going back to the CD collection for one of our favourites. Which, we note, is turning 20 years old this year.

The Primrods' Kneecappin'! is probably one of our desert island discs. Mostly because we think we could use the shiny backside of the disc to help attract rescue vessels. But also partly because it's really good, and captures the band at the height of the first (second?) incarnation. We're actually surprised we haven't posted this yet - clearly we were waiting for the right time for this one. Well, we have some clipping from the Muretich archives to pad this post out, so now MUST be the right time!

Our favourite quote from the above article: "As far as I'm concerned, we're basically here in Calgary, nowheresville, pretending to be a rock band, which everybody else is doing, so why not put records out because that's what you do when you're in a band." Genius. Likewise for James Muretich's description of the band as "Captain Beefheart stripped of his rank." Good stuff. 

It's kind of too bad Muretich panned the additional dialogue at the end of the album. We kind of get what he's saying, though - with it tacked on at the end of "Francis Gary Powers Offers You The Thrill Of A Lifetime," it does kind of hurt the listenability of the thing. So, for your pleasure, we've included both the full version and an edited track (ie song only) in today's glorious download.


manalogue said...

Ah so good! At work now and thought it would be good to listen to this record. Searched for something to stream and found the download. Wicked.

LOWEBRAU said...

One of my first Calgary shows was seeing them play an all-ages at a Community Hall in Kensington I think, or was it Ramsey... I thought the barrage of guitars was the best thing I ever heard

Homer Holmes said...

Hopefully this is still running, they were boring live but damn were they tight