Saturday, 31 January 2015

Never a Dull Moment - Demo (1986)

Thanks to John Phillips, who messaged us via our facebook group to send this demo from Never a Dull Moment - one of those bands from the 80's who we've heard about but, until getting this, hadn't actually heard. We'd also read a bunch about these guys, thanks to articles like this one by James Muretich, from a May 1987 Calgary Herald profile of the city's independent music scene:

The band was Dave Orr and John Hiebert on guitars and vocals, Trent Buhler on Bass and Chris "Lou" Lowry on drums. Pretty much and all-star lineup. This article from an 1986 issue of VOX, which explains a bit of their rich heritage, with members coming from Silent Terror and White Noise.

Of course, these guys would go on to bands like Stelazine/Skin Barn, Ninth Configuration, Field Day and, uh, Pal Joey.

This 8-track demo is a bit hissy, but it's still a great glimpse of a what must have been a pretty excellent band.

Also, based on the two photos above, they liked jumping a lot.

Update: thanks hugely to Trent Buhler for getting in touch and giving us a scan of the j-card for the tape!

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FOZZY said...

So you say they're from Calgary; but did you know Calgary street punk acts are often manufactured, prefabs; process demos provided to a private business; assembling groups similar to Sex Pistols; allegations exist that Kidz; No Copies Left may be the only actual true straight edge hardcore punk band of Alberta history to be formed successfully, performing events, credible as punk while Calgary is practicing protocols of Zion, to benefit Jewry - Shulchan Aruch