Saturday 31 January 2015

Never a Dull Moment - Demo (1986)

Thanks to John Phillips, who messaged us via our facebook group to send this demo from Never a Dull Moment - one of those bands from the 80's who we've heard about but, until getting this, hadn't actually heard. We'd also read a bunch about these guys, thanks to articles like this one by James Muretich, from a May 1987 Calgary Herald profile of the city's independent music scene:

The band was Dave Orr and John Hiebert on guitars and vocals, Trent Buhler on Bass and Chris "Lou" Lowry on drums. Pretty much and all-star lineup. This article from an 1986 issue of VOX, which explains a bit of their rich heritage, with members coming from Silent Terror and White Noise.

Of course, these guys would go on to bands like Stelazine/Skin Barn, Ninth Configuration, Field Day and, uh, Pal Joey.

This 8-track demo is a bit hissy, but it's still a great glimpse of a what must have been a pretty excellent band.

Also, based on the two photos above, they liked jumping a lot.

Update: thanks hugely to Trent Buhler for getting in touch and giving us a scan of the j-card for the tape!

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