Sunday 11 January 2015

Feds - Demo (1995)

Ron Choe gave us a third tape, one that we're very excited to see has a j-card. AND it's got Gene Poole bouncing around the office doing a dance he claims is called "skanking." Calgary hasn't had a lot of ska bands, so we weren't convinced and decided to hit the YouTubes to verify that he was in fact "skanking." We've only just barely pulled ourselves out of a video involving a skinny guy and a fedora, and we're taking away Gene's bourbon.

We really can't fault Gene that much, though (even though he DID drink most of the bourbon). This is pretty fun stuff that stays pretty true to the genre - the two tunes are danceable and have a nice bit of social commentary to them. The fact that the guys from the Everymen are also in the band doesn't hurt.

Get your skank on here!

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