Friday 14 November 2014

Showdown '76 - Words That Sting... (1997)

Well. It looks like we committed a bit of a faux pas in yesterday's post, by referencing something we hadn't actually posted. Yep, somehow a reference to this Showdown '76 CD slipped past out editors, and so... Gene Poole says now we gotta make things right. Unfortunately, this may mean opening up one of the biggest Pandora's Boxes in our office - the bizarre, unfiltered CCPS CD collection.

This is more of the good stuff that Showdown '76 was known for, except now on a shiny plastic disc, and encoded in ones and zeroes. To be honest, we at the CCPS, despite having an affinity for tapes, believe that CDs have a very important place - there's a certain time when bands only put out CDs, and some of our favourites (Hot Little Rocket, for one) have a discography that is almost exclusively on CD. So, maybe it's okay to post CDs like this one.

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