Thursday, 13 November 2014

Showdown '76 - Splinter/Apparatus

Here's some more vinyl from the Golden Age of All Ages. There isn't a year on this, but we want to guess that this was recorded in the same early 1997 session as Showdown '76's CD, just before the band morphed into Porter Hall. The two songs on here are solid pieces that feel more like Porter Hall than much of the other stuff that came out of the all ages scene.

That's Jeff Caissie above, from what looks like a Showdown '76 show at the dearly departed Carpenter's Union Hall. Thanks to Leasa Podloski for the photo. Grab the download here.


jc5k said...

We recorded this the day after we got back from a tour in 1998. It wasn't recorded the same as the cd. It was at least a year and a bit after. :)

-jeff caissie

Peter Robinson said...

I see it was on the CJSW charts in July 1998