Sunday 16 November 2014

Inquisition - Four Inches of (1994)

Oh, great. So, the Box of Pandora is open. Awesome. Gene Poole has happily been flinging CDs and cases around the office, trying to put them into chronological order (which means our intern is going to have to re-alphabetize them at some point - having a boss like Gene means job security, at least).

1994 seems to be the year that CDs really started to become a thing for indie bands in Calgary, so Gene has suggested we hop sideways-ish from our last Showdown '76 post to this one from punk kids Inquisition. We gotta hand it to these guys - they managed to put out something on every possible format except a 12" record (oh, and 8-track - has any Calgary indie band put out an 8-track?).

A bunch of random notes about this CD: first, the number of bonus/untitled/hidden tracks on here almost outnumber the tracks listed. Also, in true mid-90's fashion, this CD brings together all the usual suspects: recorded by Jeff Burns, mastered by Tona Walt Ohama, and featuring cover/band photos by Zoltan Varadi.

And, of course, a dick joke for a title.

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