Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ashley Soft - Take Heart/Give Heart (2014)

There's been a disagreement in the CCPS office about how to label this, if this should be a Miscellany post or a standard post. We picked this gorgeous orange tape up at Tubby Dog on Friday night, following Ashley Soft's set there. The problem is, this tape was recorded in Montreal when front man Clarke Alan Macleod was living in that city. Also, this tape may as well be a completely different band - since it was recorded, he's picked up a new drummer and guitarnoisemeister Devin Friesen to create a very different sound (grab their CJSW session for a listen). BUT since this tape of angular, noisy pop was put out by Friesen's Shaking Box Music, we'll let it slide as a normal post.

Get it via the Shaking Box Music bandcamp, or your favourite local record store.

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