Sunday 19 October 2014

Ron Greeves & Curt Labelle - Greeves/Labelle (1982)

In sharp contrast to our last set of 7" singles, we're going to focus on this new addition to the CCPS archive, which CollectorsFrenzy astutely notes has "nothing remotely Punk Rock or KBD about it". 

So then why did we grab this? Well, only partly because of the soft, soft look in the eyes of the gentleman on the left of this cover (is that Ron Greeves or Curt Labelle? We're hoping it's Ron. He looks like more of a Ron than a Curt). We picked this up because (a) it's on Living Room Records and (b) it's got Doug Wong's name associated with it. Also, (c) we have a problem with buying records that may or may not be worth the vinyl they're pressed on. 

This one certainly isn't very KBD - the A-side sounds more like, uh, Air Supply. The B-side is more like the Raspberries, which kind of redeems this. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about either of these gentlemen or what exactly the story behind this record is.

But, hey, don't expect that to stop us from posting the download


Aubadicus said...

I have the same problem. Richard Harrow was certainly a busy little bee in Calgary in the 80s, wasn't he?

Unknown said...

This is Curt Labelle. The gentleman on the left is Ron Greeves and was a legend of the Calgary music seen in the early 1980s. He went on to have success/air play with a band called the "Electirks" so you might be able to track that 45 down :). As for the guy on the right he was just a band groupie that couldn't find steady work on tambourine.

And correct me if I'm wrong....doesn't Richard Harrow have a couple of Junos kicking around in his basement?

Anyway, thanks for making my day! I'll take the Raspberries comparison anytime.

S. Lawrence Parrish said...

Truly fine musicians. I had the pleasure of playing bass for them in a band called Action in the 20th century. Ron is a legend. Curt is an icon (who plays a mean tambourine). Love their song-writing. Enjoy!