Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Nudicks - The Nudicks

This tape comes to us via Chris Millar, sadly without a lot of backstory. All we know is that is has the mighty talented Paul Spence on guitar - and we assume this is from some time before the Infernos (so, maybe the early 90's?). Satirical lyrics and a bass player who lives up to his pseudonym make this slice of snotty punk a kind of fun listen. Get it here.

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Dave said...

You will find more information about this band in the track "The Nudicks", which explains "Hey, we're the Nudicks, yeah that's us, some of us are Veg Law, and some are Maggie's Bus"

Vegetable Law was a band consisting of Gord Skilling (later to play Ferrel in Fubar) on guitar, Dan Ureta on Guitar, Dave Anderson on Bass, and Pat Kelly on drums (as I recall).

Maggie's Bus was Paul Spence, Mike Ciccaglione on drums, Nik Hallworth on vocals, and Pat Wheeler on Bass.

The Nudicks came about when Paul, Mike, Pat and Dave (Davie G Fastfingers) got together. Eventually, there was a shameful episode where Dave persuaded Paul to kick Pat out of the band just before a road trip to Edmonton. That lineup, with Paul as the new lead vocalist became the Infernos. Later on, after Paul Spence created Fubar, the former Infernos added Craig Evans and became Creep'r