Friday, 3 October 2014

CCPS Miscellany: Grandpa's Magick Pinecone - Old Lady Ozzy Fist (1992)

We're going to ease back into the posts, and what better place to start than with something completely random from Chris Zuk? We can't remember what Chris told us about this Red Deer band, other than that they were from Red Deer (to be clear: we can't even remember who was more drunk, Gene Poole or Zuk, so lots of details around this exchange are clearly lost to the aether). Which makes this a fairly unique post for the CCPS - we honestly can't think of another band that claimed to be from Red Deer. Really, who would?


Anonymous said...

I remember GMP - there would be an all-ages show at the Highland House in Red Deer (aka the 'Hardcore' House) every 2 or 3 months. I recall seeing these guys open for an Edmonton straight-edge band called Profound Heave (now it's REALLY getting obscure!) ... the crowd of Red Deer loadies were sure heckling the Edmonton band, much to their chagrin.

Those weren't the days! Other Red Deer bands of the time were Solvent Sedation, Watersports, Case History, and Garage Door Opener. I'm not making these names up.

Kevin said...

Please never forget the legend that is Benalto - Best band from the world, let alone Red Deer

Love always,

Anonymous said...

No offense Carwash, but Grandpa's Magick Pinecone were the Godfathers of that scene.

Anonymous said...

Red Deer had a amazing scene back then !!!
Grampa's Magick Pinecone
JDT (jones town drinking team)
Butter Slide
The Unnoticed
Jehovah's Cordova

Rwynit said...

THAT was Fetal Position
The album was...
Cindy Laupers Evil Twin
-I wouldn't use the term "godfathers"
Since all their twisted moans and that wonderful racket came from beneath!!! From a hole in Mr. Rentz's well watered carpet

I loved that basement
So dirty
So inspiring!!
So much drool

That's were I got my first drummer!! Again sorry it took me so long to give you that 20 bucks Greg

Rwynit said...

Drum set
Dam auto correct

Rwynit said...



Sofas of doom


Eric Fletcher said...

It all started with The 60's Moon People in July 1986 playing in the Eastview Jr. High School music room. Greg Rentz rented the room for $30 and the admission was $2.
The line-up: Buy Your Way to Heaven, Sakundiak Matavan & The 60's Moon People. (All
Red Deer bands.)
I still have a copy of the VHS tape Ryan Frodle & Tim Krause recorded of the show.
The 60's Moon People were Ryan Frodle, Mike Streit, Steve Rentz & Greg Rentz.

The second punk show in Red Deer was about two months later with The 60's Moon People,
Witches Hammer (from Vancouver), and the brilliant SNFU original line-up. It was in a community hall by Kin Canyon park.

Steve & Greg went onto Fetal Position and then Grandpa's Magick Pinecone.
They got the name of the cassette from a woman who worked at IN & OUT Burger in Red Deer. She was indeed old and had OZZY tattooed on the fingers of one hand.

A big shout out to all those old school Red Deer "punks". You know who you are...

Unknown said...

Where can i pick up another copy of Old Lady Ozzy Fist? I misplaced my tape 20 years ago. Sincerely.

Eric Fletcher said...

Hey Jocko!

Good luck trying to find an actual copy of that tape. I'm guessing they made (maybe)
200 copies, probably less. But to ease your pain, one of their kids posted all the songs to YouTube seven years ago. Just spell their name right and they pop right up.
Enjoy and sing along with Harold.

Unknown said...

Rwyn Litti,

You mentioned The Sofa's of Doom!!!!!!
Do you (or does ANYONE) by chance have a copy of their cassette, "No Milk"??
That was such a great tape! And so funny!
You'd feel like a high alien just listening to it.
Hope all the band members went on to do amazing things (but they're probably in jail).

Anonymous said...

I wish someone had a copy of the Black Belt Hamsters's tape "Fucking on the Telephone." The band eventually had 4 kids in it, but the only recording they made was in 1986 or 87 when two of the members (guitar and drums) made up a bunch of songs on the spot and recorded them straight into a condenser mic on a boom box. I remember one song called "Skeletons in the Sky" and another called (I can never forget this title!) "Gonna Watch a Porno Movie with my Mom." I think "Skeletons" had some lines in them about being pee shy. Real adolescent subject matter, obviously.

The tape was dubbed and passed around amongst a select group of Eastview Jr. High/Lindsay Thurber students. I think the band played only one show, at the Clearview Meadows Community Hall. I was there. Think the Happy Flowers crossed with the Gruesomes and Youth of Today and you can imagine the horrible noise.

Alfred Packer / M.S. Society said...

Hey Rwyn Litti, ( or Unknown) M.S. here and I was one third of Sofas of Doom.
You heard No Milk!? I think we only dubbed one copy of that & I traded it to someone in Zer Hour I think for one of their tapes. Would very much love to get a copy of that myself!

And I thin eric might be wrong, I think Red Deers second punk show was in the Eastview Gym.
I think us (Sofas Of Doom) played w Zero Hour & maybe Entirely Distorted. Not sure.

I was originally in Sixties Moon People and I came up w the name, but they replaced me w Mike Streit THE BASTARDS!!! he was a pretty entertaining frontman though...

Anonymous said...

Alfred!! 'Unknown' here (aka Smoth). You are a GOD! Alvin from Curse of Horse Flesh gave a copy of No Milk to his bass players (Tia Travis) little brother Blaise from the Dad's With No Face and we shared it. Unfortunately, orange juice was spilled on it at some point. I unraveled and washed it in distilled water and rubbing alcohol. It worked, but didn't quite sound the same. We tried dubbing a copy for back up, but something went wrong and it came out half backwards. The original was eventually lost in a move. Tragic. I remember covering 'Anal Landscapes' in my highschool drama class talent show. No one clapped, they just stared. It was great. I now co-host a Calgary radio show and would love to get my hands on some of those tracks! Satanic Pudding! Flowers don't go out at night! Do you think the other members might still have the original??

Norval G Schultz said...

hey Smooth OMG I can't believe you covered Anal Landscape! to bad about No Milk but I do still have all the originals you mentioned as well is others. have been tohing releasing some of that archival junk ha ha . he wd should get in touch im Mark Schultz on Facebook look me up! I will chdckback if I dont see you on the antisocialmedia. or try me at

Norval G Schultz said...

I would love to pick your mind sbout that cassette...what songs were on it...
I only dubbed one copy of that THAT WAS THE MASTER znd meant to dub other copies from that but I dnded up training it. So I'm really not sure what songs were on there. I probably have most of the original recordings still

Norval G Schultz said...

sorry about typos this phone keyboard is total shit-town

Rwynit said...

And Eric was our great leader!
Brought us our sloth burgers
Even after he told us often not to eat them! Mmmmm yummy