Sunday 5 October 2014

CCPS Miscellany: Boozehounds - Swill or Be Swilled (1996)

This is the second tape from Kristian Basaraba, and it causes a bit of distress, because, well, we're stripping a band of it's status as a Calgary band. It appears the Boozehounds (whose first tape is here) may have relocated to Edmonton/Fort Saskatchewan at some point. A comment on the post for their first tape links them to the Grand Poobah (in the usual cryptic fashion of commentators on our blog). So, we'll follow that lead and bid this puke-core punk band adieu as they drive back up Highway 2 to Edmonton.


Anonymous said...

The lead singer from the Boozehounds was the older brother of the lead singer from Grand Poobah.

Anonymous said...

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