Saturday 9 August 2014

Grosser/Durban Poison - Live at Broken City (2014)

Jesse Powell also gave us a copy of this tape, featuring Shake! Records' flagship band, Durban Poison, and Calgary punks Grosser. Jesse says this was recorded on the patio of Broken City in the spring, at a party hosted by Kamil Krulis. We almost missed this release in the flurry of new tapes from Shake!, so huge thanks to Jesse for bringing it to our attention.

This is a pretty rough recording, but Grosser's stage banter and songs about the urban/suburban divide makes this a worthwhile listen. The band features the former lead singer from Lethbridge's Stressed Out, who we last saw crawling around the floor of the New Black a few Sled Island's ago.

Get the tape from Shake!

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