Thursday 17 July 2014

Martin Fulton Overkill - Devil's Advocates (2010)

We're almost over the shock and awe that is Stampede (also: the streets are slightly less slick with puke, but only because the heat has baked it to a cement-like consistency), so we're realizing that we took the easy out by posting a bunch of Dudes CDs over the weekend. Cooler heads have prevailed, and so we're going to focus on this special little record.

This one checks one of our favourite boxes, in that it's a 10-inch record. But then it jumps the shark - it's a freakin' picture disc! We're mostly certain that this is the only picture disc to come out of this city. MOSTLY certain. Because, hell, when are we completely certain?

Martin Fulton Overkill was a monster of two-piece metal, with Breakfast at Rock Central filmmaker Lock Fulton on guitar and big, hairy guy Dean Martin on drums. Did we mention they're metal?

There's a key rule here at the CCPS - we don't post links to download stuff that's less than five years old. Which this is. But we're pretty sure we've seen copies of this at Hot Wax, Sloth and/or Melodiya, so hopefully you can grab this lovely piece of van art metal from one of those fine establishments.

Update: it's been so long since we posted this that whatever that video above was, the link is dead now. So have the download to this EP!

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