Tuesday 22 July 2014

Lola - Demo

Just before Sled Island, we got an email from Twyla Dawn who said: "I found a box of tapes a few months ago when cleaning out the basement office of the old Whiskey - the tapes had come from press kits that people sent to the Republik a long time ago! Would you like the box?" Well, duh! Of course we did! Quite expectedly, the content of the box was a very mixed bag. So we'll start with some of the good stuff, like this one-dong demo from Brad Simm and Lola.

While the one song on here is from the tape of theirs we posted previously, this does clear up one fact: apparently Ted Latimer may have been their drummer. Maybe. 


B.Simm said...
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B.Simm said...

Ted is indeed the drummer, who speeds up considerably on No Pictures, a cover tune by a fantastic Aussie band called Eastern Dark. When asked if he would play the track again, "Nope," said the hired gun. "Sounds very punk rock." Indeed. — B.Simm