Sunday 13 July 2014

Dudes - Bee Puncher EP (2003)

The problem with the Stampede is that sometimes you end up at the Palomino in the middle of the Stampede and you end up getting caught up in the tomfoolery of the Stampede and all you can think is maybe the Stampede is okay because there is beer and if you go to the right place like the Palomino at the right time like at 10pm there actually is good music like Art Bergmann and not just that crappy autotuned Stampede country pop and you end up getting into what may be called the spirit of the Stampede which may also be called the booze and you end up having too much of the spirit of the Stampede and you wake up very late the next morning and the best you can do is grab the next CD from the band you posted last on your blog and you think is this the best we can do we can't even add anything reasonable about the band or this recording or why it matters today because oh the Stampede spirit was strong with us last night my friends and we wish we had seen the Dudes at Rock Central because that would have been awesome unlike today's post which is not very awesome but the Dude's Bee Puncher EP is so you can get it here.

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