Tuesday 24 June 2014

Shaani Cage - Demos (2014)

We are BARELY recovered from this year's Sled Island (it seems like it's taking Gene longer and longer to recover each year), and starting to remember things that we picked up along the five-day journey. We snagged a couple of tapes, so we may as well share them with you.

The first is this one from Shaani Cage, who were on this year's Sled Island mixtape. We caught their set at Central United Church, and were pretty impressed - they brothers Aleem and Kaleen Khan nicely blend Smiths-y guitar pop and R'n'B (or whatever the kids call it today - it's a genre we have to admit little to no understanding of). This tape is just three songs, but they're pretty solid - this is a great way to wind down after the festival.

You can download the tracks from the Shaani Cage bandcamp.

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