Thursday 26 June 2014

Primrods - Demos Feb '97 (1997)

We are very, very pleased today to be celebrating our 7th Anniversary. Yes, seven long years ago, Gene Poole got drunk and went onto the interwebs and posted two great tapes. In honour of that accursed day, we're posting a really weird tape that Chris Faulkner passed our way. So weird, in fact that we had to get a special tape player for it.

This is the DAT master of a bunch of Primrods (Primrods! On our anniversary! Who would have thunk it!) songs that were recorded at Sundae Sound in advance of the ill-fated sessions that led to their never-released CD. Chris says this was a live-off-the-floor demo recorded for the big wigs at Geffen, to convince the label that the Primrods were a Certified Hit Machine. To our ear, this sounds like these are the same recordings as on their Eurovision 97 single.

We really like these tracks - they're very, very different from the final product of the GGGGGGGGarth-produced CD. Mostly because they're, uh, not produced. This is more what we remember the final days of the Primrods like - the rawness is still there, even though the elements of shoegaze are slipping into the songwriting.

This is a pretty swell little thing to listen to on our anniversary. We hope you like it as much as Gene does.

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