Wednesday 4 June 2014

Chump Nation - Chump Nation (1995)

Here's another all ages tape from Leasa Podloski which we honestly know little to nothing about. Actually, scratch that. We know absolutely nothing about this.

Other than that you can grab the download here.


Jesse eldredge said...

This band was from the blue house era of all ages shows in the mods 90's it was a punk house down by 12 ave and 14st if I remember correct . We had many great bands come through our basement such as rye coalition ink and dagger and j church to name a few .... Chump nation was a project started by my old friend adam blackstaffe and was my introduction to laying music. So stoked to see this on here!!!!!!

Jesse eldredge aka naked jesse

MPH said...

Holy shit. That's us! Chump Nation, the band that came just as easily as it went. That's me whining and trying to scream/sing. Where on earth did this come from, and how did it get on the internet? Thank you so much.
Miles Eldredge aka brother of Naked Jesse.

Leasa said...

Found this little gem in my old box of cassettes, and it needed to be shared! The Blue House punk shows were some of the best times. I remember attempting to learn drums there. Basement shows and recordings like these really embody the spirit of DIY. They are time capsules! Thanks to CCPS for helping everyone relive great memories!