Thursday, 26 June 2014

Primrods - Demos Feb '97 (1997)

We are very, very pleased today to be celebrating our 7th Anniversary. Yes, seven long years ago, Gene Poole got drunk and went onto the interwebs and posted two great tapes. In honour of that accursed day, we're posting a really weird tape that Chris Faulkner passed our way. So weird, in fact that we had to get a special tape player for it.

This is the DAT master of a bunch of Primrods (Primrods! On our anniversary! Who would have thunk it!) songs that were recorded at Sundae Sound in advance of the ill-fated sessions that led to their never-released CD. Chris says this was a live-off-the-floor demo recorded for the big wigs at Geffen, to convince the label that the Primrods were a Certified Hit Machine. To our ear, this sounds like these are the same recordings as on their Eurovision 97 single.

We really like these tracks - they're very, very different from the final product of the GGGGGGGGarth-produced CD. Mostly because they're, uh, not produced. This is more what we remember the final days of the Primrods like - the rawness is still there, even though the elements of shoegaze are slipping into the songwriting.

This is a pretty swell little thing to listen to on our anniversary. We hope you like it as much as Gene does.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Neutral States - Temporary Foreign Workers (2014)

Another tape that we picked up on our Sled Island journey this year is this one. Rather, it was passed to us in the dark at the Republik just before the legendary Bob Mould took the stage (speaking of which: no one in the crowd claimed to also have seen him last time he was in town).

The Neutral States is former Fire Engine Red bassist/songwriter Lee Shedden's newest venture, which he's managed to put together a pretty fine group of folks for. Andrew Wedderburn is filling in on second/lead-ish guitar and Lorrie Matheson's wrecking crew (okay, an approximation thereof) fills out the band. It looks like the band has morphed slightly from this recording - the rhythm section last time we heard from them was made up of Matt Doherty and Elescia Eisler. But that may have changed again.

Anyways, Shedden's playing a pretty great bunch of noisy pop on here - in places it sounds like Thrush Hermit, which is a-okay in our books. Wait, Gene says we're not allowed to compare them to a non-Calgary band. So let's say they sound like, uh, Geek Beet. We're feeling pretty lazy, post-Sled.

Also, this tape is apparently a pre-release or something like that. You can listen to the songs on the Neutral States bandcamp, where you can also pre-order the tape, CD or LP. Now that's a range of choices we haven't seen in about 25 years!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Shaani Cage - Demos (2014)

We are BARELY recovered from this year's Sled Island (it seems like it's taking Gene longer and longer to recover each year), and starting to remember things that we picked up along the five-day journey. We snagged a couple of tapes, so we may as well share them with you.

The first is this one from Shaani Cage, who were on this year's Sled Island mixtape. We caught their set at Central United Church, and were pretty impressed - they brothers Aleem and Kaleen Khan nicely blend Smiths-y guitar pop and R'n'B (or whatever the kids call it today - it's a genre we have to admit little to no understanding of). This tape is just three songs, but they're pretty solid - this is a great way to wind down after the festival.

You can download the tracks from the Shaani Cage bandcamp.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Various - Sled Island 2014 Compilation (2014)

Yesterday was the happiest of happy days, with the return of Sled Island. Last night's kick-off party at the Commonwealth was made all the sweeter with this - a special, blue cassette compilation of some of the bands playing the festival.

The bands on here are, as you'd expect, from all over the place and not just Calgary. Three locals are included, though - the noisy Bitter Fictions, the poppy Modern Aquatics and the dancey Shaani Cage. This tape is a nice little teaser of what's ahead over the next five days.

Speaking of which, you won't really hear from us for the next week or so because of Sled. As we get older, it takes longer to recover from the festival... Until then, you can listen to the Sled Island 2014 Compilation here.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

CCPS Miscellany: Gwar - Live at the Westward (1991)

As a special father's day treat, we have a recording that comes to us via Eraz Cohen. This is a two-part little nugget that was recorded at Gwar's now-infamous Westward Club show in 1989  1991[Edit: we totally screwed up the year of this show - it was two years later than we thought]. I. Part one is an interview with bassist Beefcake the Mighty conducted by... we're not sure. Between the, er, insistence of the interviewer and Beefcake's smart-assed answers, it's entertaining in parts and painful in others Thankfully, there's also a recording of the show to even things out. Sure, you don't get the full experience of the band's live show (which resulted in legions of fake blood-covered folks wandering along 17th Avenue), but it's a great document of a now-legendary show.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Meeting Marisa - Meeting Marisa (1994)

It's the end of an era at Recordland, as we discovered a few weeks ago. As Eraz Cohen tidies things up, the old is making way for the new. More specifically, most of the tapes are gone as he makes room for (!gasp!) new records (!gasp!).

It kind of sucks for folks like us at the CCPS, but we'd mostly picked through the tapes over the past few years. There wasn't much left. Or so we thought. Last time we were in, Eraz gave us this tape, which features another telling band photo. Look at the boots-work socks-cut off shorts combination! Seattle, here we come! Yep, here's another slice of early-90's alt.rock. We're not saying that this genre is bad, it's just that it was so ubiquitous in the early 90's, it's kind of left us meh about the whole thing.

But maybe we're just jealous because we never grew our hair out.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Reduced 2 Clear - Reduced 2 Clear (1993)

Charles Cornell got in touch with us a while back (again, we're ashamed to say how long ago...) and sent us a copy of this tape of his band (who wisely replaced the "2" in their name with "to" for their CD).

You know the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, the band photo on the inside of this tape tells the story - you can pretty much hear the alt.rock when you look at this. Look at that hair! You know there's going to be a deep-voiced lead singer. Look at those shirts! You know there's going to be some serious guitar-based rock on the menu.

The dream of the 90's is alive at the CCPS!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Chump Nation - Chump Nation (1995)

Here's another all ages tape from Leasa Podloski which we honestly know little to nothing about. Actually, scratch that. We know absolutely nothing about this.

Other than that you can grab the download here.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Dillinger/Joule - Dillinger vs. Joule

We're going to get to some tapes that we've been sitting on for an embarrassingly long time, including a couple from local record collector/seller/spinner Leasa Podloski. Leasa was at ground zero of the all ages scene in the late 90's/early 00's, so we're pleased that she shared a couple of tapes with us.

This first one is a split from Dillinger and Joule, which comes in an envelope with a neatly-folded lyric sheet. As folks who weren't around for the all ages scene, we're completely at the mercy of our readers in terms of nailing down either band's membership. A bunch of similarly-named bands make Dillinger pretty much google-proof.

So, grab this to listen and maybe help us out.