Thursday 29 May 2014

Von Zippers - Live at Broken City (2007)

So, we get all sorts of cool stuff coming through the CCPS offices, and this is no exception. After finding out that we had pilfered his video of Huevos Rancheros' anniversary show, Coyote Will got in touch with us and subsequently sent us a few other videos.

So, we'll start with this one, which was shot from the back of Broken City but still manages to capture the energy (and volume) of the Von Zippers. We like the modern day Von Zippers quite a lot (in fact, we're pretty sure that's Gene's head nodding along in the front row), as we may have mentioned before. Chris Neville's organ noodling has brought a lot to the band (he's also brought a great cowbell technique). And, Al is still one of our favourite people ever.

Uh, the video's up there. You can - and should - watch it.

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