Friday 2 May 2014

Mark Mills - Triple Fire Sign (2014)

We're trying to get back on track, after getting lost in the CCPS CD collection for a spell. We forgot we had a paid of Rayovaq CDs in there and were getting our quiet-loud-quiet-loud-quiet on for a bit too long.

So anyways, we've pulled ourselves out of the CD-encrusted rock of the late 90's, and are happily re-familiarizing ourselves with the cassette resurgence of our current times. This is a happy little tape that Mark Mills put out a couple of weeks ago - it's a continuation of his celebration of love through dance (or is that his celebration of dance through love?).

Apparently this is a limited edition cassette available at his shows which may no longer be available. But you can grab it from the Mark Mills bandcamp.

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