Friday 18 April 2014

Tom Phillips - Honky Tonk School (1995)

Tom Phillips (and his Men of Constant Sorrow) is a fixture in the local roots/country scene, so we were super excited (again!) to get this tape from Lee Shedden. Phillips has put out a handful of CDs over the years (both with and without the MOCS), but we're not sure where this fits in his overall collection of works - mostly because this is a very refined recording that sounds, well, exactly like what we'd expect a Tom Phillips recording from 2014 to sound like.

Get your honky tonk fix here.


Aubadicus said...

FYI, Gene: personnel on this tape are: Tom Phillips (natch) - box & acoustic guitar. Dwight Thompson - guitar. James Hayden - Drums. Lee Shedden - Bass. I forget the piano player's name. Recorded at Sundae Sound with Rob Bartlett.

Aubadicus said...

er, that's *vox*, not box. Damn autocorrect.

Anonymous said...

Who's playing pedal steel?