Monday 21 April 2014

Stagger Lee Shedden - Cultus Coulee

So, while we're talking Fire Engine Red, let's also talk a bit about Lee Shedden, the band's bass player-turned-disappearing act. You already know that Lee punched out of the band just before 1530 was released, and maybe you're wondering what else he went on to. Even if you're not, too freakin' bad. We're going to tell you anyways.

Actually, we've kind of already told you, via this post from almost exactly four years ago (holy crap, we've been plugging away at this ridiculous venture for a long time...). Except that tape pre-dated 1530, so maybe we didn't. Thankfully, Lee gave us this CD which nicely sums up his endeavours. This collects some of his recordings from 1993 through to 2004, allegedly put togther when he was trying to get back into musicking (or whatever the kids call "playing gigs" these days).

Of note, there are a bunch of Fire Engine Red-related recordings on here, nestled in among his Geek Beet recordings. One of our favourite FER tracks, "Start at the Top" gets a crazed, folk-psych-rave-up treatment. And, for those of you who enjoy such trivia, the CD closes with a less half-assed version of "Stiletto Heel Waltx" than that which closes 1530.

Shedden just put the recordings for his 10-year old An Education and a Riot up on bandcamp, and he's now fronting the Neutral States (which also features Andrew Wedderburn).

Stagger over to the download...

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